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Sigmund Freud

Sigmund Freud Archives:

Ths is the website of the Freud Archives, the bulk of which is now held at the Library of Congress after their donation by the SFA. On the website are included various digitized documents and manuscripts pertaining to Freud’s life and work.

‘Freud: Conflict and Culture’ Exhibition:

This exhibition featured vintage photographs, prints, manuscripts and first editions,  home movies of Freud and objects from his study and consulting room. The website contains an overview of the exhibition (which toured from 1999-2002) as well as details and images of many of the exhibits.

Freud: Private Videos (Sigmund Freud Museum Vienna):

Amateur movies showing Freud with his family and friends were filmed between 1930 and 1939 in Vienna, Paris and London.

Sigmund Freud: Exploring the Unconscious Documentary:

A 3-part documentary on the life and work of Freud.

CG Jung

‘Carl Jung: Legacy and Influence’ RSA Lectures (2011):

Philosopher and author Robert Rowland Smith, philosopher Mark Vernon, and Jung biographer Gary Lachman reflect on Carl Jung’s legacy, 50 years after his death.


Jean Laplanche

The Independent Obituary of Jean Laplanche (2012):

Interview with Cathy Caruth (2001):

‘Primal Fantasy: Fantasies of Origins, Origins of Fantasy’ Essay:


Andre Green

International Psychoanalytical Assoication Tribute (2012):

Tribute to Green by Rozine Jozef Perelberg (2012):


Wilfred Bion

Bion Lecturing at the Tavistock Clinic:


Michael Eigen

‘Contact With The Depths: On Faith and Transformation’ Seminar Series (2012) Podcasts: (bottom of page)


Adam Phillips

‘The Soul of Man Under Psychoanalysis’ Article (2001): (LRB, requires registration)