Networks & Centres

The Forum for Movies and Mind:

The Forum for Movies and Mind, formerly The Forum for The Psychoanalytic Study of Film) is an international interdisciplinary organization that studies the ways in which explorations of the mind in such fields as psychoanalysis, neuroscience, cognitive psychology, genetics, and evolution help us understand film and the ways in which film itself opens up explorations of the mind. The Forum’s journal is Projections: The Journal for Movies and Mind.

Media and the Inner World Network:

An AHRC research network that brings together academics, psychotherapists and media professionals to explore the role of emotion in media and popular culture.

Literature and Psychology and the University of Florida:


Institute of Psychoanalysis:

The home of the British Psychoanalytic Society. Activities include: the training of psychoanalysts, the development of the theory and practice of   psychoanalysis, the provision of treatment through The London Clinic of Psychoanalysis, the publication of   books and journals, furthering research, and the dissemination of psychoanalytic ideas through public lectures and events.

The American Psychoanalytic Association:

The American Psychoanalytic Association (APsaA), founded in 1911, is a professional organization for psychoanalysts. It focuses on education, research and membership development. The website includes both a wide array of contact information for affiliate organizations and analysts, details of programmes and events in North America, and also general information on psychoanalysis and its practice.

The Association for Child Psychoanalysis:

The Association for Child Psychoanalysis (ACP), founded in 1965, provides a forum for the interchange of ideas and clinical experience in order to advance the psychological treatment and understanding of children and adolescents and their families.

The Centre for the Study of Psychoanalysis and Culture:

The Center for the Study of Psychoanalysis and Culture, based at the University of Buffalo and directed by Joan Copjec, is an interdisciplinary research center. Originally founded in 1970 as the Center for the Psychological Study of the Arts, the Center changed its name and altered its focus accordingly in 1991. In both its incarnations it has served to bring together faculty and graduate students interested in investigating the clinical and nonclinical implications of Freudian theory.

Psychoanalysis and Education Network:

Academy for the Study of the Psychoanalytic Arts:

The Academy’s Mission is to advance the study of psychoanalytic epistemology, theory, practice, ethics, and education within a psychological framework consisting of philosophy, the arts, and the anthropic sciences as opposed to biology, medicine, and the natural sciences. It aims to rethink psychoanalysis outside of a medical model. It is a Section of the Michigan Society for Psychoanalytic Psychology, and publishes on its website papers reflecting the aims of the Academy.