Psychoanalysis & the Moving Image

Film and Psychoanalysis Bibliography:

A substantial bibliography (last updated 2001), provided by the European Psychoanalytic Film Festival, of texts addressing the relationships between psychoanalysis and film. Some of the entries include links to reviews of the text.

Alain de Mijolla – ‘Freud and the Psychoanalytic Situation on the Screen’ (1993):

Essay on the significance of home video footage of Freud.

The Eye Inside  and I Dream of Augustine by Cordelia Beresford:

Two short films by director Cordelia Beresford exploring both hysteria and its treatment, based on two patients of Charcot.

Presenting Problems: The Films of Garrick Duckler:

Website for Presenting Problems: the first DVD collection in a series of shorts devoted to exploring a myriad of psychological conflicts that arise in the meeting of psychoanalysis and film. The films approach the world of psychological processes through following unique characters as they exist in the world.  Through these characters we are able to understand something of our internal workings — a deeply held conviction, an unconscious reaction — presenting a particular problem of “being in the world.”

In Treatment (TV Series) Symposium Podcast:

Podcast provided by the British Psychoanalytic Council from 2010, in which psychiatric advisor to the show Justin Richardson and writers Keith Bunin and Jackie Reingold talk about what it’s like working on HBO’s ‘In Treatment’ (a series about a psychoanalyst and his weekly sessions with patients).