General Psychoanalytic Sites

New Book Network (Psychoanalysis):

A site that provides downloadable interviews with authors of new books in psychoanalysis (list currently includes: Leo Bersani, Susie Orbach, Jamieson Webster, Patricia Gherovici, Muriel Dimen, Steven Poser, Lucy Holmes, Neil Altman, Sheldon Bach & Irwin Hirsch).

International Psychoanalysis:

A blog format web site that provides a platform for announcements of public and professional interest, film, theater and book reviews, op ed and other opinion pieces, as well as links to meeting and conference web casts. Supported by the American Psychoanalytic Foundation.

Cleveland Psychoanalytic Centre Blog:

A blog that frequently discusses literary and cultural matters in relation to psychoanalysis, recently for instance Alison Bechdel’s Are You My Mother?

Laura Gonzalez’s Blog:

Laura Gonzalez is an artist and writer, whose recent practice encompasses film, dance, photography and text. Her research investigates psychoanalytic approaches to making and understanding objects of seduction, and she is currently immersed in an interdisciplinary project exploring knowledge and the body of the hysteric. Examples of her artistic and critical work can be found alongside her blog.

Caversham Productions Publisher:

This specialist publisher, established in 2009 by Elisabeth Young-Bruehl and Christine Dunbar, produces texts and resources focused upon psychoanalytic education. It also features some freely accessible articles and papers.