Analyst Specific Sites

CG Jung:

The Jung Page: Reflections on Psychology, Culture and Life:

The Jung Page is dedicated to exploring questions of meaning which engage the individual as well as the varied cultures in which we live. The site includes original essays, reprinted articles, reviews of books and films, research tools, a lexicon of terms, and works of creativity. It also serves to connect the worldwide Jungian community, including information on publishers, local societies and professional organizations, scholars, analysts, and other interested individuals.


Jacques Lacan:

A key hub for all things Lacanian, houses two journals (Lacanian Ink and The Symptom), a separate blog (Perfume) and provides resources on both Lacan (inlcuding texts of his Seminars, overviews, bibliographies and images) as well as Lacanian theorists (e.g. numerous essays by Jacques Alain-Miller, Slavoj Zizek, Alain Badiou and Eric Laurent as well as videos of lectures featuring all of the above).

Melanie Klein:

The Melanie Klein Trust:

The Melanie Klein Trust was founded on 1 February 1955 to promote training and research in the psychoanalytic theory and technique adopted and practised by Melanie Klein, and ‘developments thereof’. It includes detailed biographies of both Melanie Klein and key Kleinian theorists, as well as overviews of her key theoretical terms and models. A significant bibliographical resources can also be found. The Trust publishes Kleinian work, organises events and administers the Klein archive (held at the Wellcome Trust).

Anna Freud:

The Anna Freud Foundation:

The Anna Freud Foundation is dedicated to promoting psychoanalytic theory and practice, especially those stimulated by Anna Freud. The website currently includes a call for responses to the questions: ‘Is knowledge of child development of value for psychoanalysts? What are your views and experiences?’ and publishes those received.


Michael Balint:

The Balint Society (UK):

Society for promoting the work and theories of Michael and Enid Balint, as well as organising ‘Balint groups’ with the aim of helping all health care professionals to gain a better understanding of the emotional content of the clinical relationship. Included on the website is a useful bibliography relating to Balint, details of the Journal of the Balint Society as well as the annual essay prize and news/events.