About PsyLitFilm

PsyLitFilm is a new on-line subject network for those working in psychoanalytically-informed literary and/or film studies, whether in an academic setting or in clinical psychoanalysis.

This network aims to both connect researchers through their specific interests, situated at the conjunctions between psychoanalysis, literature and film, as well as to publicise events/publications/news of interest to the field. As such, the site is divided into the following sections:

Members List: This section provides a searchable database of researchers with interests in conjunctions between psychoanalysis, literature and/or film, and is designed to facilitate connections between researchers.

Events: Here is listed any event that may be of interest to the subject community, whether this be conferences, lecture series, exhibitions or Calls for Papers. It is sub-divided into geographical reigions.

Recent and Forthcoming Publications: This section details book publications that engage with psychoanalysis and its relationship with literature and/or film.

Journals: Under this heading is given a list of academic journals that are focused upon areas of interest to psychoanalytically-informed research in literary or film studies. Both on-line and print journals are included. Links are provided to their websites, giving submission details and CFPs.

Resources: Here is provided a list of on-line resources (e.g. on-line essays, interviews, videos) relevant to psychoanalysis, literature and/or film, organised by Analyst.

Links: This final section gives links to other networks, websites and blogs that may be of interest. Some are interested in the work of specific analysts, some are concerned with psychoanalysis more generally, whilst other focus upon a specific subject in relation to psychoanalysis. Brief descriptions of each are included.

To become a Member and add your details to the network list, e-mail your Name (with title), Institutional Affiliation (if applicable), a brief list or statement of Research Interests and a public E-Mail Address to:


Also contact us here for more information, or to submit an event/publication/news item that may be of interest to the psychoanalysis, literature and film subject community.